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Sharjah is one of the biggest and most famous emirates in the UAE. Sharjah Media Zone free economic zone was launched in 2017 and has become the third among all other free zones after Hamriyah Free Zone (HAFZA) and Sharjah Airport Free Zone (SAIF), which serve as a base for 13,500 of different companies from 157countries. The new free zone is intended to create the best environment for companies that make media products, advertisements, provide marketing services or conduct other kinds of creative and entertainment activities.

Sharjah UAE makes creative entrepreneurship affordable and seeks to stimulate business growth in the region. The community of the SHAMS zone strongly supports an ecosystem for innovation, which contributes to a particular way of life, study and joint creativity.

Seeking to become a world-class media hub with innovative features and services, Sharjah Dubai offers a wide range of business activities available for those who want to go on their entrepreneurial journey to the UAE. The mission of this free zone is to make creative entrepreneurship accessible to all start-ups, small and medium-sized companies and companies seeking to develop their business both locally and globally.

Sharjah Media City Free Zone offers intelligent innovative services, as well as an integrated approach focused on the community of the zone.

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The advantages of the emirate of Sharjah for registering a company in Sharjah Media City

In a country known for innovation and business, the emirate of Sharjah is considered the center of history, culture and heritage. Sharjah joined the UAE in 1972. The emirate is located between Asia, Europe and Africa, and has a strategic location for entering markets with more than 3 billion people.

In 1998, UNESCO awarded Sharjah the title of Cultural Capital of the Arab World. Sharjah has kept the spirit of its history alive and incorporates tradition into all aspects of modern development.

Business setup in Sharjah is distinguished by safe and progressive environment for registering companies, offering foreign investors such advantages as no corporate tax and no restrictions on the return of capital and the transfer of profits. The UAE is well-known throughout the world as a trading hub with a large non-oil sector, which accounts for almost 70% of GDP, of which 45% comes from Sharjah’s trading activities.

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The key features of Sharjah Media City free zone

Sharjah Media Zone is fairly new, so most of its office buildings are still under construction. Here you can establish the following companies:

  • LLC Sharjah Free Zone Companies – limited liability companies similar to onshore companies;
  • Branch Companies, or subsidiaries of the existing companies.
  • Sharjah free zone license is a permit that allows a company to conduct certain activities in the territory of the free zone. Sharjah Media City issues four types of licenses:
  • service licenses for providers of various services, including with the required products (e.g. catering);
  • trade licenses for export-import operations and storage of products in the territory of the zone;
  • production licenses for manufacturing, processing and modification of products (production of promotional materials, repairing of electronics and household appliances);
  • holding licenses.

Sharjah Media Zone (SHAMS) offers different types of office rental, including individual and shared rental of an office or a working place.

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24 hours for company registration at Sharjah Media Zone

Advantages of Sharjah Media Zone

Sharjah Media City (SHAMS) has the following advantages:

  • online company registration with no need for visa;
  • opening a bank account for company registration in any UAE bank;
  • no currency restrictions for international business operations;
  • a wide range of activities covered by one license;
  • simple and quick registration, possible ownership of 100% stake by a foreign owner;
  • exemption from corporate and individual income taxes;
  • no capital stock requirements;
  • up to 6 residence visas and an investor visa with no age restrictions.

Available infrastructure for Sharjah Free Zone company formation

Rental services at Sharjah Media City are designed to serve customers and meet their needs and requirements for a mandatory office space. For company formation in Sharjah, you can rent the following types of office space:

  • Joint workplace – it is a common space shared by like-minded enterprises. This option is ideal for modern businessmen who prefer to choose flexible work areas and opportunities. Such type of workplace creates a pleasant working environment.
  • Dedicated workplace – it is an individual dedicated workplace, which is located next to the workplaces of other like-minded people.
  • Joint office – this type provides a more private environment than when renting a workplace.
  • Dedicated office – it is a lockable office space used on an individual basis. The size of office space varies and can accommodate as one table, as several ones.
  • Creative blocks -– they are designed to stimulate mental work and innovation. Economical and ergonomic constructions create a unique working environment for any companies and professionals who want to grow and develop. Such objects include autonomous offices, office studios, exhibition halls and public areas.

In addition, the free zone is based in Sharjah, a big business centre located near international airports of Sharjah (only 5-minute drive) and Dubai (15-minute drive).

Experts of Brahma Business Consultancy will help you start up your business in Sharjah Media Zone quick and easy thanks to broad understanding of UAE legislation. Contact us in any convenient way using contact details on our website.


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Do I need to visit UAE to register a company?

You do not need to visit UAE to open a company, but if you want to apply for a visa eligible company, you need to have previous UAE entry stamps.
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How long does registration take?

It usually takes 1-2 business days.
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What is included into your service?

Our setup package includes: company registration, establishment (immigration) card processing and owner’s visa processing including support with Medical checkup and Emirates ID application.
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Is audit required at the time of company renewal?

No, it is not required.
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Where can I carry out my business?

You can carry out your business in UAE and worldwide. You can have customers from any Emirate.
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Can I have an office in Dubai?

You can have an official office space only in Umm Al Quwain Free Zone, but you can use any Dubai business center, which can provide virtual office services, and even rent a small space there.
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Can I open bank account in UAE?

Yes, of course. You will be able to open company account after you receive the license. You can also open a resident’s bank account after you get your visa.
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How many visas can I get in my company?

Depending on the chosen license, you can have 2-3 visas.