RAK Free Zone Company Setup

The most cost efficient free zone in UAE


  • Virtual Office services included
  • No capital requirement (ex. General trading and Industrial)
  • Owner’s presence is not required
  • Annual audit is not required


  • UAE entry stamp is required (if applying for a visa eligible package)
  • Official company address will be in Ras Al Khaimah

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Trading and General trading licenses

Trading licences allow you to import and export goods to/from UAE. You can import your products and sell them to other UAE companies who will be appointed as your Agents or Distributors.

Standard trading license can contain up to 2 different categories of products, for example: “Foodstuff”, “Cosmetics” and “Building materials”.

General trading license allows you to import/export any categories of products without restrictions.

Professional licenses

You can carry out various professional services such as consultancy, design, IT development and many others. RAK Free Zone has the largest activity list and you can be sure that you will find a suitable business activity for your company.

Industrial license

An Industrial License allows you to import raw materials, carry out the manufacturing of specified products and export the finished product. RAK Free Zone provides land and warehouses for rent and unlike many other Free Zones, it always has available warehouses for you! Sizes start from 205 sq meters.


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Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone (RAK FTZ) is one of the oldest and most well-known free zones in UAE. It is located in northern part of the country, within 50 minutes drive from Dubai. The Free Zone was established in 2000. Today it is a hub for almost 8 000 companies.

The Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah has its own sea port and airport, which provide fast and convenient logistics.

Facilities available in the Free Zone include flexi-offices (minimum obligatory office requirement), executive offices, shell and core offices, warehouses and land.


Company cost depends on facilities and visa eligibility. All prices include preapproval fees, PO box rental fees and virtual office fees.
In case more than one shareholder freezone charge additinal fee.



  • Furnished and semi-enclosed workstations or office
  • Shared computers, or use your laptop


  • Advanced IT/telecommunications infrastructure
  • Dedicated phone number and email address and shared fax
  • Fax and mail handling services


  • RAK FTZ Business Park
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24 hours RAK Free Zone Company setup professional fee USD 6 000 only


Investor and employment visas

You can open as many resident visas as your company package allows. If your company is eligible for 2 visas, it means you can open only 2 visas including the owners and employees, for example 1 investor visa + 1 employment visa.

Family visas

Any UAE resident who has Investor or Employment visa can open visas for his dependents such as wife, children or parents. Documents required for family visas are the certificates which prove your relation (marriage and birth certificates). They have to be attested in UAE Embassy in the country of origin. In order to apply for family visa, you need to have official tenancy contract with EJARI (government attestation). If you open visas for parents, in should be minimum 2 bedroom apartment.


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Do I need to visit UAE to register a company?

You do not need to visit UAE to open a company, but if you want to apply for a visa eligible company, you need to have previous UAE entry stamps.
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How long does registration take?

It usually takes 1-2 business days.
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What is included into your service?

Our setup package includes: company registration, establishment (immigration) card processing and owner’s visa processing including support with Medical checkup and Emirates ID application.
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Is audit required at the time of company renewal?

No, it is not required.
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Where can I carry out my business?

You can carry out your business in UAE and worldwide. You can have customers from any Emirate.
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Can I have an office in Dubai?

You can have an official office space only in Umm Al Quwain Free Zone, but you can use any Dubai business center, which can provide virtual office services, and even rent a small space there.
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Can I open bank account in UAE?

Yes, of course. You will be able to open company account after you receive the license. You can also open a resident’s bank account after you get your visa.
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How many visas can I get in my company?

Depending on the chosen license, you can have 2-3 visas.