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The free economic zone in the UAE is a great place to start a business. Only in Dubai is located more than 20 free zones. On average, two free zones are also available in other emirates. A free zone is a geographically defined area of a city where 100% foreign ownership of companies is permitted. To open a company in one of the free economic zones in the UAE, no local partner is required. Doing business is possible only in the free zone (with some exceptions) or outside the UAE.

Dubai World Central Free Zone (or Dubai South) is a city inside the city. This free zone was created in 2006 and covers an area of 145 square kilometers. In 2020, Dubai World Central will become the venue for a world scale exhibition Expo2020. It is expected that this exhibition will be visited by more than 25 million people.

DWC Dubai is part of this large-scale project, and today a lot of world-known companies are already registered in this free zone. Among them, there are such giants as DHL, Aramex, Panalpina, and others.

The logistics platform, which includes the port of Jebel Ali, Dubai World Central airport and the Etihad railway is one of the main advantages of this free economic zone. Undoubtedly, a particular role is played by a special logistic corridor that connects Dubai South with the port of Jebel Ali. Work in this free zone is associated with manufacturing and assembly plants, distribution centers and storage facilities.

It offers rental premises and workplaces in its business park. Today, registration in this free zone is the most economical option for opening a company in the Dubai emirate. In addition, registration of a company in DWC Free Zone is quite fast.

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About company formation in Dubai World Central Free Zone

Dubai World Central Free Zone is an ideal platform for conducting all types of commercial activities due to the effective business environment created in it. DWC company formation has several features compared to the other free zones:

  • Registration time does not exceed 20 days excluding holidays and weekends. Usually, the registration process takes about working 15 days.
  • The possibility of a remote application via the Internet using modern means of protection and cryptography.
  • A wide range of licenses, which makes it possible to develop business in various fields.
  • Requirements are set for the size of the share capital for DWC company setup: it should be at least $82 000. To confirm the income, it is enough to submit the relevant documentation, depositing funds to a bank account is not required.
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  • Dubai World Central Business Park offers rental of premises for various purposes: offices, warehouses and production premises, residential buildings for staff and workers.
  • A DWC Dubai company is required to maintain accounting and undergo an annual audit in order to renew a license.

DWC business setup suggests the possibility of establishing the following types of companies:

  • Free zone company (FZC) – a company with 2-5 shareholders;
  • Free zone establishment (FZE) – a company with only 1 shareholder;
  • Branch of a local company;
  • Branch of a foreign company.

The following license types are available by type of activity in DWC Free Zone Dubai:

  • Commercial License - includes the import, export, distribution, and storage of goods specified in the license. A commercial license may contain three different product lines.
  • General Trading License - gives permission to trade in a wider range. It provides freedom and flexibility in trading any goods that are allowed within the UAE.
  • Service License - this license allows the licensee to provide the services specified in the license exclusively in the territory of the free zone.
  • License for the provision of logistics services - allows providing various types of logistics services in the free zone.
  • Industrial License - allows engaging in industrial activities.
  • License for providing educational services.
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24 hours on company registration in DWC Free Zone Dubai

How to quickly and inexpensively open a company in DWC Free Zone

The unconditional stability of the local currency, the constantly growing sales market, the high purchasing power of the population and the complete absence of taxes make entrepreneurship in the United Arab Emirates especially attractive. The lack of bureaucracy allows you to concentrate fully on work, and not on pieces of paper and reports that do not bring any profit. Business in the UAE is a clear strategy for increasing your own profits.

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