Open a company in UAE Free Zone

The UAE Free Trade Zones (FTZ) are a limited territories that have special preferences and allow opening a company without a local partner or agent. Free zones allow a 100% foreign capital. The main purpose of free zones is to attract investors from abroad.

Registration of company in FTZ: features

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Each of the UAE free zones was created for a specific kind of business activity. In particular, technology companies are located in «Dubai Silicon Oasis», logistical centers and production works — in «Jebel Ali Free Zone», IT companies — in «Dubai Internet City», while educational facilities and centers, as well as other companies providing educational services are concentrated in «Dubai knowledge Village».

Registration of a company in the UAE free zone allows you to conduct business in the territory of that free zone as well as outside of the country and run trading through a local agent. Such company is recognized internationally as a full-fledged standard resident firm with an offshore attribute (zero taxation).

10 reasons why you should open a company in FTZ

  • 100% foreign capital, no local partner, agent required
  • No taxes or charges. Such company is exempt from income tax, VAT, export/import customs duty.
  • No restrictions on capital or profit exports.
  • Opportunity to obtain resident visa for investors, employees and their family members.
  • Explicit and stable legislation.
  • Affordable energy prices.
  • Possibility to hire employees from abroad.
  • Developed infrastructure in each free zone in compliance with the prioritized activity.
  • Rapid economic growth.
  • No political leverage on economic decisions.
  • Possibility to obtain both personal and corporate tax certificates.

You can open a new company or a representative office in the UAE free zones. It is worth noting that each zone requires a specific package of documents for registration. To get full information, contact our experts by submitting a request on our website or via telephone number given below.

Period of opening a company in FTZ

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Time required to register a company depends on the specific free zone and can take from one day to one month. Opening a company in the UAE requires certain skill and knowledge. That is why you should entrust this to qualified experts of our company and as a result save your personal time and energy. Your physical presence in the UAE may be required for use to open your company. Specific criteria of the future company’s field of activities may affect duration of registration. Our specialists will surely inform you about this at the beginning of cooperation.

UAE free zone company registration costs

Costs of opening a company in a free zone depends on prestige value and location. The minimum price is 6 000 $. Moreover, type of license also influences expenses. A client may opt for the following types of his future business: trade, logistics, provision of services and works, raw material supply, production. Our experts will help to open a company with the lowest expenses for those clients who do not plan to conduct business within the territory of the UAE.

Which FTZ is the most advantageous to open a company?

This step must be primarily considered when taking a decision to register a company in FTZ. First, one should not forget that a right to conduct business is limited in terms of territory. Moreover, there are different office rental costs in each zone. Mind that you can save a lot of money and facilitate the procedure by opening a company with a virtual office. Our specialists are ready to help you on this matter

There are different accounting requirements in each zone. Some free zones may even have zero requirements for financial accounting. You can learn more from our specialists who will be pleased to help you pick up the best solutions to expand and develop your business in a free zone while taking into account all the details.

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