Opening a personal account in UAE

Entrepreneurs from all around the world trust financial system of the UAE thanks to its reliability and rapid economic growth. According to the statistics, financial institutions of the UAE are the best and safest way to invest and keep your financial assets. The number of those who wish to open a bank account in the UAE grows each year, which indicates a stable banking system of the UAE as compared to other countries. That is why many foreign businesspersons and entrepreneurs seek to invest into the UAE banks for a further development and implementation of business-projects.

Contact our qualified experts who will help you to open a bank account in the UAE while saving your time and money. We will quickly open a bank account of any type in any bank in the UAE owing to our knowledge, experience and skills.

The information below describes the procedure and requirements for opening a private bank account.

Benefits of opening bank account in UAE

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A holder of a bank account in the UAE bank is granted by default:

  • Debit card that can be used around the world;
  • Access to online banking for management of financial assets regardless of the location.

Opening private bank account in UAE: features and requirements

The key feature of the UAE financial institutions is that they are open for investors from all over the world. Both residents and foreign citizens can open a bank account. There are certain restrictions and specific requirements set for non-residents:

  • security deposit is required to obtain a credit card;
  • check card is not issued for non-residents.

Standard requirements for opening personal bank account:

  • personal presence of an applicant is mandatory for registration and filling up documents for opening a bank account;
  • applicant must have the original passport for identification and obligatory duplication by a financial facility representative.

Special requirements for applicants without residence visa

Non-resident applicants have to provide the following information:

  • stamp of entry to the UAE (copy);
  • utility service payment documents with full name and registration address of an applicant;
  • account statement from any bank;
  • reference letter from a bank where an applicant already has an account (in some cases);
  • short biography including occupation.

Requirements for applicants with residency visa

To open a private bank account, applicants with residence permit shall provide the following:

  • residence visa copy;
  • copy of an applicant’s identification document in the UAE (Emirates ID).

Bear in mind that if a local company employee who has a residency wishes to open a private account, he has to submit a letter indicating that his employer has no issues with that.

The above mentioned requirements and terms are relevant for opening a personal bank account. Keep in mind that each bank can set its own conditions and request other documents in addition to the standard package. You can learn more and get a full consultation from our team.

Online management pf private account

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Internet banking is an integral part of modern financial system. This tool allows account owners to manage funds via internet regardless of their location. Banks in the UAE provide a wide range of such services. A client is able to pay accounts, transfer money and perform other operations in the system.

Internet banking in the UAE boasts a multi-level protection and the highest level of security. This service is provided by all banks in the UAE for free and by default for all clients, both residents and foreigners.

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