Residence visa in UAE

UAE residence visa

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It is rather difficult for a foreigner to receive a citizenship in the UAE. To obtain it, you have to be born in the UAE, marry a citizen of the country or to go through a long naturalization process (for Arab countries citizens — 7 years, for those from other countries — 30 years). A good alternative to remain in the UAE is to get a residence vase to Dubai or the other Emirate. You can receive it by registering a company, buying estate property, finding employment or entering an educational institution.

Brahma Business Consultancy offers a full range of services for obtaining an UAE residence visa. Our highly-qualified team possesses an extensive experience in the field, ensuring you a positive outcome.

UAE residence visa: benefits and requirements

UAE residence visa has a number of advantages:

  • validity — 3 years;
  • right for long-term residence in the UAE;
  • unlimited number of visa extension applications till 70 years old;
  • exemption from governmental taxes and charges;
  • visa-free access to the countries neighboring the UAE;
  • residence permit for close family members;
  • procurement of residence visas in Dubai and other emirates for company’s employees.

UAE residence visa includes certain terms, and their non-compliance may result in its blocking and the need to go through a restore procedure. The prime requirement is visit the UAE at least once in 180 days.

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UAE residence visa by registering a company

To receive a residence visa in the UAE, you need to register a local company or free economic zone company. By starting up a business in the Emirates, a foreign company founder obtains the residency. UAE residence visa is granted in all cases, regardless of business activity, business license or other factors. This is the most simple and convenient way of acquiring a citizenship in the UAE.

Our experts will help you to register a company and obtain UAE residence visa. The procedure usually takes 1 month including the time to open a company. Our individual client-oriented approach will allow us to pick the best solution for your specific needs.

UAE residence visa by purchasing a property

Residence visa to Dubai and the other Emirates is issued when buying a real property at the price of 1 million AED or more. The purchase grants you a residence permit in the UAE.

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UAE residence visa for students and employees

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Students at UAE educational institutions can obtain residence visa. Validity of the visa depends on the duration of education and universities.

You can also obtain UAE residence visa through employment. Companies in the Emirates do not have any restrictions on foreign workers. Visa can be paid by an employee or an employer provided that the costs will be paid back.

Aspects of applying for UAE residence visa

UAE residence visa can be obtained in different ways: there are sponsor visas, spouse visa, father and daughter visas. Sponsor visa requires legalization of certain documents. A package of documents to apply for UAE residence visa is standard. You can learn more by asking our advisers.

It is important to note that the UAE is not a member of the Hague Apostille Convention, so a legalization of certain documents is mandatory. Such documents include:

  • birth/marriage/divorce certificates; surname change certificate;
  • education certificate.
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Document legalization is a painstaking procedure and requires certain knowledge. That is why we advise use our company’s help. Please, contact us using the phone numbers, online application form, Skype, Viber or Whatsapp. Our advisers will contact you shortly to help you in solving your issue and answer your questions!

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