Legalization of documents in UAE

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Documents which are to be used at an international level are subject to legalization in the UAE, as the latter is not a member country of the Hague convention of 5 October 1961 and did not sign the Apostille Treaty. Apostille is not used in the UAE, so documents should mandatorily be legalized.

Legalization of documents is a complex procedure that requires certain knowledge, qualification and contacts. We recommend you to save your valuable time and energy by contacting experts of Brahma Business Consultancy, who will help you to legalize documents in a very short time.

Legalization of documents issued abroad for use in UAE

Legalization of foreign documents for private and legal bodies has a similar procedure and involves the following steps.

  • Notary certification of a document copy.
  • Legalized translation of a document into English or Arabic (if necessary).
  • Validation in the Ministry of Justice. Some countries have their own specifics of certification, and our experts will provide you information about that.
  • Certification in the ministry of foreign affairs of the country where a document was issued.
  • Certification in the UAE consulate.

A list of documents of private bodies subject for legalization to become valid in the UAE includes birth, marriage certificates, and others. There may be additional stages of legalization depending on the document type. For instance, a diploma of education must be additionally certified by the Ministry of Education.

Among the documents of legal bodies subject for legalization are a company registration certificate, an extract from the register, a license and others. Please note that legalization of documents of legal bodies is much more expensive than a similar procedure for private bodies. For more information, contact our consultants by telephone numbers given below.

Legalization of documents issued in UAE for use at international level

Documents issued in the UAE for use outside of the country are subject to legalization as well.

Legalization of documents of private bodies

  • Legalized translation of a document from Arabic into English.
  • Certification of translation by the authority that issued the document.
  • Certification of a document in the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Certification of both documents in a consulate or an embassy of a country where the document will be used.

Legalization of documents of legal bodies

Legalization of such documents depends on the issuing governmental body. First, you should obtain a certified copy of a document.

  • Foreign companies and companies in free zones should contact the Registrar of Foreign Companies through their registry agent.
  • Offshore companies located in free zones should contact registrar of companies at the place of registration.
  • For companies with local partners — contact a state notary or the Department of Economic Development.

The other standard steps include certification in the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the consulate or the embassy of a country where the document will be used.

Please note, that a document is translated from Arabic into English only when a certified copy is made. Translation into other languages can be made before certification in a consulate or an embassy. Legalization of documents for legal bodies is much more expensive than that for private bodies. You can learn about the estimated costs from our consultants.

Qualified experts of Brahma Business Consultancy offer prompt legalization of documents of private and legal bodies. You can be assured of the positive outcome. To get a full consultation and obtain answers to questions, contact us via the number given below, Skype, Viber and feedback form.

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